Learn about education in Canada

You will find out the significant aspects which come with education in Canada along with different educational options available to you as a student. The information is also important as it assists students to know their educational requirements and needs so that they can make informed decisions about what college programs, courses for them to take and various other factors that are required.

One of the most reliable sources of education in Canada is Colleges and Universities of British Columbia (BC). BC has some well reputed colleges like University of Victoria, the University of Toronto, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and more.

However, some popular universities in Canada include McGill University, Royal Roads (UBC), Western University, Dalhousie University, Queen’s University, Waterloo University, Laurentians University and many others. Most people usually go for these universities and colleges after completing their graduation from any other university or college in Canada. The fees of all these universities are quite affordable and this makes studying in B.C worth the investment.

University of Ontario

The main academic division of University of Ontario includes several faculties and departments like Department of Psychology & Counselling & Counseling School (DPC), Department of Arts and Culture, Graduate School, Department of Law & Crime, department of History & Social Studies (HSS) and Department of Engineering & Applied Sciences (DEAS). It has 7 academic divisions and 18 degree programs.

University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa has a very wide-ranging research program which consists of both undergraduate and postgraduate studies, interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary majors and minor courses. Students can pursue multiple graduate programs from one school and take up PhDs from another university.

They have 24 colleges and 4 schools as well as 2 doctoral academies, 3 medical schools and more than 1,000 faculty members. There is no fee for admission though fee assistance in pursuing a masters or PhD from this university is much higher than others.

Since there is only around 100 students per year in total, it attracts more people for further study in Canadian universities. These graduates receive full scholarships and get job opportunities in corporate and government organizations for working on a national scale. Due to its good reputation due to the excellent academics and research programs offered by the UOC, it offers several competitive programs for students like M.S., Ph. D. and even Master’s.

Queen’s University

The Queen’s University is an internationally renowned university located in downtown Ottawa, Ontario providing world-class courses, research, and discovery. The campus features over 22 hectares of green space and 50 active teaching and research centers across 14 campuses. It is considered one of the top five best places to live on earth, especially for international students belonging to certain countries like China, Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam and Thailand, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan,

Turkey, Morocco and Australia. A large number of researchers and scholars come here for research and training for future research at prestigious institutes like Centre for International and Regional Science, Faculty Research Council, Division of Biological Sciences, Health and Human Development, Centre for Women & Minorities Affairs, Multiculturalism and Diversity, National Environment, Natural Resources Policy, Population Issues and Climate Change Research Initiative. Along with being ranked among the 20 largest public institutions in North America, this is also home to some of the highest quality research centers across the globe.

The Universidad de António Ete Nova

The Universidad de António Ete Nova is known as one of the most famous and reputed universities in Canada in terms of research and academics. This university is also famous for its history, culture and traditions. Apart from offering bachelor’s and master’s degrees in fields ranging from sciences to arts and humanities, the university has also introduced doctorate programs and even a Bachelor of Arts Degree, such as a Bachelor in Business Administration, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Business Management and Bachelor of Economic Analysis. Many successful entrepreneurs graduated from UCAN,

like former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, whose daughter Lili works for Microsoft & General Motors. Other alumni include Kevin Spacey, John F Kennedy Jr. and Larry Page. Their success has made UCAN one of the oldest private universities in the world. As a result, they offer various lucrative scholarships for applicants, including the Sir Paul McLean fellowship program, three years of full tuition waiver and annual payment of two thousand dollars and half a million Canadian dollars.

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