What are some good quotes for business?

“Your business is like a person who’s in need of a heart and a soul to match its ambition” – Brian Tracy

We all know what it feels like when you want to go big but for some reason nothing seems to work out the way you want it to. You have your whole vision and all of your hopes wrapped up in a good quote that will help give you confidence and drive forward. Below I’ve listed some quotes for business from successful individuals, entrepreneurs, and authors to help get you through those rough times and make the most out of your small business.

“If you want things to be easy, then you don’t want them to be hard” – Bob Proctor

“You can never tell how much you want something until you do it”- Julia Roberts

“Only after great amounts of stress or discomfort did I start doing my part.” – Robert F. Kennedy

“You are only as strong as your weakest link”- Bruce Lee, Kung Fu Master

“Your biggest weakness in business is making people happy”- Tony Robbins

“Successful people are not afraid of failure because they love it so much”- Oprah Winfrey

“To succeed, you must always remember the one thing with which they were defeated. That is their next success. The harder they try to succeed, the worse their outcome. So they must fail again. And the vicious cycle continues. They become even more miserable until, eventually, nothing can cheer them up any further”- Anne Margaret Arundel

“People will think negative thoughts if you give them negative feedback”- Henry Ford

“People don’t like change because their lives have been living on borrowed time”- Alan Trefler

“People often ask me how others are able to accomplish so much success in life. It is simple, just work smarter” Bob Proctor

“The secret to succeeding is making yourself feel good about your efforts”– Michael Jordan

“I was born to be an entrepreneur, and it has always been my dream to own my own company”- Bill Gates

“Being kind doesn’t mean you have to be nice. Being open and honest does. How you act and react also matters. Asking questions is key. Don’t ignore people – read people, watch people, learn their habits”- Chris Thorne

“Your greatest asset in business is your brand. Your customers and clients are the main players in your brand. If nobody knows what you stand for, then how can you expect anyone else to take your company seriously? If no one cares about your brand then your chances of getting new business are slim”- Marc Benioff & David Ogilvy

“The best way to find out what your competitors are thinking is by asking them”- Scott Perry

“You live the destiny of every individual and the world you leave behind”- John Quincy Adams

“Businesses have to reinvent themselves each day. The future of business lies in embracing technology and the ability to communicate, engage, and interact with people. In order to realize this vision, companies need to be agile by adapting to social changes and constantly shifting priorities. One major shift toward social interactions is to focus on creating better experiences instead of simply improving productivity.

Social interactions allow businesses to build deeper relationships with existing clients, while keeping tabs on what’s happening at the competition level. To thrive in today’s complex environment, you can no longer compete with your products. You have to reach out and engage your current followers to stay engaged and loyal”- Richard Branson

“When you face problems with people, keep people away. When people face problems with you, solve problems with people”- James Rohn

“People will never stop trying to improve themselves until they learn how to approach you”- Dr. Seuss

“There is no better feeling than coming across someone who genuinely care about everything about other people”- Jack Welch

“You’re going to lose if you keep looking for the next million dollar idea”- Seth Godin

“To start small – start with the customer first” – Gordon Gekko

“When you see a thousand tiny steps, you begin to realize that you can do much more than you realize”- Jim Collins

“No one who makes a mistake ever thinks he knows what he is doing. But the minute we think we know something, we move closer and closer to disaster”- Thomas Edison

“Don’t be fooled into believing anything just because people think it is right. Go where the opinions are”- Peter Diamandis

“The man who starts too late is doomed to fail” — Howard Roark

“Don’t wait until the rest of your team is done before you think of yourself as being worth going solo”- Dave Ulrich

“You’re just a number. Not a human being. Just a cog, moving parts and a few lines of code. Everybody else in you is already committed to doing what they’re told to do”- Larry Page

“Start small”- Eric Schmidt

“Innovation is a process, not an event”- Roger Schulman

“You cannot make progress without taking risk”- Neil Armstrong

“It’s difficult to make progress until you take action.”- Barry Schwartz

“The real difference between doing things and saying things is the latter”- Henry Ford

“To succeed in business, you have to learn to set high goals and to measure progress against them. Success isn’t a quick fix, it’s a long journey, full of twists and turns, and always looking back. Success takes patience and endurance. Progress is slow and steady. People forget that there’s a time and a place to slow down. You have a choice – choose success over mediocrity or mediocrities.

Choose a different path forward every single time you get frustrated or discouraged. Use that same courage to face challenges when others see adversity. Choose a different destination every single time. Change your mindset from inaction to activity. Focus on results. Create growth rather than comfort. Be prepared to fail at least once. Don’t be afraid of trying new things and failing at them”- Bill Gates

“If you don’t like change, let people change”- Steve Jobs

“The most important thing in business is people,”- Joel Green

“Successful leaders have a passion that helps them get what they want done. Sometimes they don’t know why they want it done and when they do, they don’t do it well enough”- Warren Buffett

“Failure is opportunity. Opportunity costs money. Failure doesn’t cost money. Failures are opportunities. A leader should have a certain amount of faith in his abilities. He shouldn’t be confident that someone will know exactly what to do and how to achieve it. No one really knows. Most of us know what’s not working, but we aren’t quite sure why we’re not doing things any better.

We feel like failures. There’s room for improvement in most cases, but that requires a certain level of trust from ourselves and our surroundings. If you don’t know what’s happening, you can’t get anything done. You must let people take risks to try new things. Let them put in effort that might produce poor results. Get creative. Set the boundaries and make these things clear. Make it clear who gets credit and who doesn’t. Know where the rubber meets the road. Break even if you can. Have the discipline to say No. Follow rules and stick to them. Define success. Build trust. Build trust. Start from scratch. Work at least two days in the week until you’ve done something the boss likes” – Martin Luther King III

“You’ll always find me thinking about myself”- Frank Lloyd Wright

“I hope that you will find me thinking of you”- Nelson Mandela

“Every person has a mission on him to fulfill. Every person belongs to a group of persons having a common interest. I want to belong to a goal.”- Franklin Roosevelt

“Think people are stupid. Think people are wicked. Think people are evil. Think people are cruel, unkind and inconsiderate. They cannot make friends in a circle with people who think and act the same. Our eyes are very narrow and they look only in one direction. Their world is wrong, and it is impossible to change how things work. You cannot make human beings do what they think because they don’t have power to change their minds. And they believe they have that kind of power.

At the end of the day, what they think should have no effect on me, or my business, or my employees. All we can do is try whatever we can do to make things better for the rest of us. It’s not worth my life if they don’t think that way”- Bill Gates

“People are not made in the image of God, they are made in the image of men”- Abraham Lincoln

“I hope that you would consider the needs not only of yourselves, but of my children and grandchildren. When someone wants to make me proud, I’d like to watch him accomplish what that person

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