Kevin Durant famous Quotes That Will Inspire You

Love quotes, quotes for friendship, quotes to express love and more! This is a list of some very famous and meaningful quotes that will inspire you in life. Some are from the Bible, others from the stars in popular culture and even some are so personal that they have become famous and shared by celebrities and influencers. They are very motivational and inspirational and I cannot think of a better way to start my day than with this great line. Take notice of these excellent quotes to use when you need inspiration!

1) “It’s a wonderful beginning, my friends, in the morning, in the middle of the day; it was the most beautiful day of my entire life until yesterday!” – Leonardo da Vinci

2) The quote above is another famous Italian poem written by Leonardo da Vinci. It has over 100 million views on Youtube today and counting. Here are many amazing lines from this poem. Read them with an open mind and feel inspired by Leonardo da Vinci the genius behind all the wonders of science and technology.

3) “I am not going to give up. I am going to conquer the world again, for the reason that you are going to be strong and not want to give up” – Muhammad Ali

4) “You don’t know what makes a hero. You just see a person and say he’s a hero. But there’s something else about being a hero. When you’re actually being heroic.”– Maya Angelou

5) “I’ve learned that people are as lonely as it gets before their time comes, and a hero knows how to help them out because he does it every day and he knows what he needs to do. That’s why I’m glad we made him.”– James Earl Jones

6) “It’s funny that God doesn’t even let me lose this battle once, but God helps you win it again. So, if I’m playing football against God, God’s gonna make sure I win.”– Joe Montana

7) “Be happy! Be happy! Be happy! Just because God is never gonna stop fighting back for who He really is, it doesn’t mean He can’t be happy.” – Bill Cosby

8) “A hero makes the bad guy look bad.”– Jim Carrey

9) “When God first created man, he gave him some extraordinary powers, but then he fell into despair.”– Proverbs 22:21

10) “I wish I could tell you how good things were till He took them away, which nobody can’t find.”– John Bunyan

11) “If you want to make yourself immortal, keep doing what you’re doing now. If you want to live forever, keep going from here to there. And if you want to live a little longer, keep moving forward with all the power of your heart.”– Steve Jobs

12) “I’ll try to do anything for you, if only I see the same amount of faith in you every day, then you’ll come to me at night.”– Gwen Stefani

13) “I always knew you would get to where you were going. Now you’re gone and I just didn’t realize it yet. But you did it.”— Demi Moore

14) “The greatest gift a human being can receive is love, and when you have found that, you need to spread it around. Spread it around like wild fire.”– Charlie Daniels

15) “That is how you always remember someone you never met.”– Oprah Winfrey

16) “That’s the secret to being successful—whatever it takes to be memorable.”– Beyoncé

17) “When you have something real, anything really important, always do it with everything you’ve got.”– Tom Robinson

18) “People keep saying to me, ‘Why should I care? Why should I care?’ Well, you see, it’s true, I don’t! Because I always care, because nobody else will, and that is something no one else can ever quite understand.”– Kevin Durant

19) “If you have love, don’t let anyone get too close to you. Don’t even think twice about letting go.”– Sarah McLachlan

20) “I don’t feel like it’s fair when people judge or compare you to other people, but it’s not fair because you’re not the same.”– Alyssa Milano

21) “When I think you think well, I think the best things in the world just happen to you.”– Joss Stone

22) “You will never find someone who can change me.”– Dwayne Johnson

23) “You never met a woman that you aren’t falling for. Always be ready to fall in love.”– Nicole Richie

24) “I used to be on my knees praying that you were going to finish high school this year and then go to college next year. Now it’s hard because everything I wanted to do was taken away from me.”– Natalie Portman

25) “The biggest thing you can hope for is happiness. If you can get past jealousy then you can find that elusive goal.”– Michael Jordan

26) “The only place I want to go is to spend all my time trying to become someone I love and who I wish I could be.”– Ellen DeGeneres

27) “To be loved, truly loved. To be cared for and given all you may need.”– Meryl Streep

28) “I wish I had you to spend as much time with as possible.”– Megan Fox

29) “You don’t know what you are until you get past the day you meet the girl in the storeroom.”– Chris Hemsworth

30) “No matter how strong you are, you still won’t always be successful. You’ll have days when you want to quit and days when you want nothing at all. If you stop caring for what happens to you then it starts to hurt more.”– Julia Roberts

31) “I wouldn’t trade the universe itself for anything.”– Albert Einstein

32) “You should always be willing to take risks. As soon as you’ve decided to take risks you must learn how to tolerate failure. Most people fail far more often than they succeed.”– Dan Rather

33) “It’s worth the wait, because life is what happens to us when we least expect it. We are rarely able to avoid its effects until after we’ve fully committed ourselves to them. Life seems to arrive just when our hearts have been abandoned.”– Andy Garcia

34) “I love the hell out of you.” – Madonna

35) “Everything you are right now and more is enough. I wish you had more of it.” – Jennifer Lopez

36) “What I didn’t know was that you would see me with somebody else. Your kiss would send shivers down my spine.”– Cameron Diaz

37) “You really don’t realize what you’re missing until you experience what you’ve been missing. Until that moment does come it isn’t enough.”– Elizabeth Gilbert

38) “When you can’t go on living unless your heart is broken. Then that’s the time you make a mistake.”– Tina Fey

39) “Letting go is the best thing you can do. I’ve known people who don’t want to die but who live their lives thinking they’re dying. In that state they are more alive than they really are.”– Dr. Phil

40) “When you know you’ve got something to believe in you have to let go and trust in another. Just let it go and let all the naysayers go. That is the greatest journey any human being can undertake. Nothing in nature is worth holding tight. Letting go is free. Never holding tight is death.”– Marilyn Monroe

41) “If you’re unhappy, think it’s the end of the world!”– Amy Carson

42) “I can think of no more powerful words than “Happy New Year!” — Harry Potter

43) “Nothing is worth holding tight than death, even if it means losing freedom, even if you’re going to lose your life.”– Helen Keller

44) “I’m trying to wrap my arms around myself because I feel scared. My hands are trembling, and my heart is breaking, so my eyes are spinning. I feel sick, and that is the last feeling I will have in a long time. I’m not sure how much longer I can stand anything.”– Whitney Houston

45) “The time will come when you will look back and be proud of what you became. Maybe when you will laugh in the face of adversity instead of running away from it.”– Beyoncé

46) “You are the master of art, the master of all craftsmanship. You are the finest craftsman that has ever existed.”– Francis Bacon

47) “All that glitters is not gold. All that glitters is not silver, all those things we thought were great things have turned out to be really pretty worthless, and all things we thought were valuable are just plain rubbish, and then the poor souls that created and created things the whole world was built on will never be valued, and if such value cannot find a worthy way into society it is better to throw it away.”– Eleanor Roosevelt

48) “When you meet your destiny, don’t waste it looking for directions. Follow

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